3rd International Lex Erudites Student Mediation Competition in collaboration with Newcastle University, UK

Lex Erudites is delighted to announce the 3rd International Student Mediation Competition, a collaborative endeavour with Newcastle University, UK. This competition is meticulously scheduled to transpire in a virtual format, spanning from December 1st to 2nd, 2023. Building upon a legacy of prosperous competitions, we anticipate that this year will be even more captivating and intellectually enriching experience.

About the Competition:

The International Lex Erudites Student Mediation Competition serves as an illustrious platform for students hailing from diverse corners of the globe to demonstrate their prowess in the art of mediation. It offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world dispute resolution scenarios and to forge connections with peers and professionals within the field. This competition is emblematic of our enduring commitment to nurturing excellence in the realm of alternative dispute resolution.


  • Virtual Platform: This year’s competition will be conducted exclusively in a virtual environment, ensuring the utmost convenience for all participants.
  • Prestigious Collaboration: Lex Erudites is profoundly honoured to join forces with Newcastle University, an institution renowned for its unwavering dedication to legal education and pioneering research.
  • Immersive Mediation Scenarios: Participants shall be tasked with engaging in demanding mediation scenarios, meticulously designed to mirror authentic disputes. Their performance shall be scrutinized by accomplished mediators and esteemed judges, from whom they shall receive invaluable feedback.
  • Networking Opportunities: In addition to the rigours of competition, participants will have the privilege of connecting with fellow students, erudite academicians, and seasoned professionals within the discipline.
  • Awards and Distinctions: The competition boasts an array of prestigious awards and certificates for those who distinguish themselves, ensuring well-deserved recognition of their exemplary mediation skills.

Registration is presently open and can be accessed via lexerudites.com/imc-v-2023. Early registration is highly encouraged as slots are limited.

We cordially invite all the universities and law schools to participate in this unparalleled learning and networking opportunity, one that holds the potential to elevate the mediation skills of students to a zenith of excellence.

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