About us

Lex Erudites is a humble initiative by a few undergraduate students of law with the primary vision to provide a platform for socio-legal discourse and scholarship. Our trajectory as an open e-journal intends to disseminate constructive, independent ideas and thoughts on socio-legal issues and national and international developments in the field of law and society. Lex Erudites volunteers to act as a stimulus to exhort the young aspiring minds from distinct fields of study to ink their free-spirited, reasoned thoughts and opinions, thereby, contributing to the informed and participative citizenry. 

With an objective of expanding our operations beyond the borders, we also intend to build a meritorious community of law students, academicians and legal professionals to bridge the gap between the legal fraternities around the world.



The opinions and ideas projected by sundry authors in the journal are purely their personal opinions and does not mirror the opinions/ perspectives of Lex Erudites