Behind The Curtains: Begging- A Profitable Business

It has been 73 years since India got Independence and our flag signifies freedom. Every year on August 15 Indians ...
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Custodial Deaths and the Underprivileged- A Lone Voice in the Wilderness

INTRODUCTION The largest democracy in the world empathically witnessed the custodial death of father-son duo, Jayraj and Bennix in the ...
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Perusal of the Issues Involved in the Hijab Row

The Karnataka High Court has reserved Judgment in a batch of pleas filed by certain students against the ban on ...
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Revised Vehicle Insurance Law, 2020 – A Brief Outlook

The new four-wheeler and two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy promulgated by IRDAI (The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) came ...
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Summary: Supreme Court Breaks Down Social Stigmas on Abortion

On 29th September 2022, The Honourable Supreme Court recognized the Right of reproductive autonomy of an unmarried woman under Article ...
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