Ethical Guidelines

-Writings should be submitted in the proper and original format

Lex Erudites seeks originality and coherent organization of thoughts in each article. Manuscripts are accepted and published on the grounds of basic ethical standards which are assured to have impressive quality publications, public trust, and attributions to the authors/founders. The articles are expected to qualify an ideal flow of language, specifically, English is only accepted. Those manuscripts are to be submitted in their original format which wasn’t submitted or work that is currently under review anywhere else. The articles that were previously published can be once submitted to us after their withdrawal from the rest. Authors also need to make proper mention of acknowledgements and citations. 

 -Plagiarism is strictly prohibited

Authors are allowed to borrow ideas, phrases, and thoughts, but not sentences or paragraphs as such. All references including words, figures, expressions, or ideas of other writers must be attributed and cited at the places used. Once plagiarism above the permissible level is detected, then those manuscripts will not be accepted and blacklisted.

-Manuscripts should not be given to any other sites for publication purpose 

Lex Erudites accepts the original content which isn’t published anywhere else. Those manuscripts submitted to Lex Erudites shouldn’t be submitted elsewhere and if found a simultaneous copy; it may incur sanctions. The published article may be withdrawn by the author before publishing it anywhere else. However, authors are instructed to make citations even if they have used their own previously published to work as a basis, differentiating how it is different from the current work and the author’s own re-used words. Duplicate submission of the same copy will not be approved and may result in the rejection to integrate the submitted manuscript and correction of the published manuscript.

-Acknowledgment and citation should be provided

Citations are necessary to be done. While citing phrases or sentences, authors are required to acknowledge them, by placing them within quotation marks and including their source in the ‘Works cited list’. Nonetheless, whether you found the information in a book, article, or website, and whether it’s text, a graphic, an illustration, a chart, or a table, you need to cite it accurately.

-False contentions and acrimonies to be avoided

Lex Erudites seeks originality in the subject. The authors are warned not to manipulate their article with falsified and fabricated information which may thereby incur sanctions, as well as their published manuscripts, may be withdrawn. Also, the authors are not allowed to be acrimonious i.e., he/she can’t use bitter, harsh, or sharpness in the language in a manner portraying a person the erroneous.

-Conflict of interests

 COI’s may arise at any point of juncture in the research progression and happens when the external issues lookup ought to be relatively discerned to affect the objectiveness of the work or its assessment. Potential conflicts of interest must declare whether they precisely had the influence to authorize informed decisions. When unsure with details, assert a potential conflict so that submissions of manuscripts aren’t made with undeclared conflicts which get later revealed and rejected.

 Conflicts of interest include the following :-

  • Financial conflict— This includes the funding and other allowance, the amount spent on goods and services, and those foreseen by the authors concerning their subject matter or from an organization with interest in the outcome.
  • Conflict of Affiliation— Being a member of the advisory board of an organization, or a member who is employed by the advisory board, and with an interest in the outcome of work.
  • Conflicts on Intellectual property — These are copyrights or trademarks owned by someone or the organization.
  • Personal Conflict— Conflicts include those with friends, family, and other personal relationships.
  • Ideology Conflict— Conflicts on notions, moralities, and activism such as political, spiritual, or beliefs or activism, for example, political related to the work.


-Manuscript assessments

All manuscripts are subject to peer review and anticipated to meet the principal requirements of tutorial excellence. The manuscripts approved by the editor will be submitted for consideration from peer reviewers, whose identities will continue to be nameless to the authors.


*Our Publication crew will prevail trying to find recommendations outside well-known peer review on submissions with serious ethical, security, biosecurity, or societal implications. We may additionally seek advice from professionals and the academic editor before deciding on any relevant actions, consisting of however not restrained to recruiting reviewers with particular expertise, assessment by extra editors, and declining to further consider a submission.